Friday, February 6, 2009

Random Tweets of Kindness

"Right, new game. Random Tweets of Kindness. Each day, tweet something nice or uplifting to a stranger. Let's see if it catches on. Please RT"

That was my original Tweet on the subject.

Random Tweets of Kindness is a game I thought of for Tweeters/Twitterrers/Whatever they're called. Basically I was thinking of the Random Acts of Kindness movement and thought it'd be nice to just try to do something to cheer someone up from the comfort of your own Twitter. Since Twitter is such a massive network with what appears to be quite a community of users I was interested in seeing if the idea would catch on, and what people thought of it.

I figure the best way to get the idea out there is to have people ReTweet the idea and to that end I sent a tweet to @stephenfry and a Direct Message to @dcorsetto (which unfortunately didn't send.)

I chose these two from my Follows list because they each have such large followings, Danielle because of her fantastic webcomic Girls With Slingshots and Stephen because, well, he's such a legend.

It was only after sending out these Tweets that I realised that if I started a blog and made a post about the game, then tweeted the URL of the post and had that RT'd things would be a lot easier.

So the "rules" of the game are:
  • Every Day (this is flexible, not everyone tweets everyday, but whenever you're on)
  • Send one (or more) Tweet(s), saying something nice and or uplifting
  • To a stranger. It makes the entire process more random if you Tweet to someone you don't know, to avoid relying on your Following or Follows lists, use Twitter's search, type in a random word, and pick someone who comes up in the results.
  • Start the Tweet with "Random Tweet of Kindness" so we can see how far the game spreads.
So that's the game. Please ReTweet this link so others can read the post and get the idea. And if you want to play the game, great, the more the merrier.



  1. Sounds like a great idea, I think. I'll start finding those random lucky people to say those random nice things to. :) Why haven't I seen something like this already?!

  2. should we #tag the tweet, maybe?

    #RToK ?